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Ginakas is a new fashion brand which encompasses the spirit of Africa with influences from around the world. Every person on this planet is beautiful and Ginakas wants to ensure her line of fashion clothing reaches people of all sizes and backgrounds.

We have introduced the collection with a few unique limited women’s clothing. There is a lot more to come. Keep watching!

Design - Create - Inspire

Browse our website for the latest designs from Ginakas.

If you have any questions then please drop us a message. 

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We design clothing which is pleasing to the eye and stands out. It must be comfortable, fit the body shape well and of course give you a boost of confidence. Our colours are inspired by the journey of our very own CEO. She has traveled around the world. As a result she has absorbed ideas of shape, colour and material. All of this is considered in every design at Ginakas.


We encompass our thoughts, passions and dreams and bring them to reality through creating our designs. Using ethically sourced materials, utilising a workforce who are treated well and paid correctly are all very important to the Ginakas brand. Our creations are our passions. Our creations are our thoughts. Our creations are our dreams.


Inspiration comes in many forms. You could gain through a few kind words or by what you are wearing. Our lines of clothing have been created to inspire a positive outlook. Well being is important and fashion can be a source of finding that well being. If you need to drop us a message for a boost of confidence then drop us a message. x